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Five Trust Tests for Gathering Personal Information About Disabilities

Billion Strong global partner PurpleSpace provides ‘Five Trusts Tests’ that will help organizations determine when it’s okay to ask employees about their disability or long-term condition.

According to PurpleSpace, a networking and professional development hub for disabled employees, there are very few resources for organizations when it comes to best practices for monitoring and data collection processes, particularly when it comes to disabled employees whose identities may have different cultural, socio-political, and legislative contexts.

Having determined that just “asking better questions” would unlikely result in a clearer understanding of the impact of disability on an organization’s workforce and / or the customer base, PurpleSpace CEO Kate Nash and organizational psychologist John Amaechi talked to the PurpleSpace community about the dynamic of sharing personal information vs. an organization earning trust.

The result of that discussion is a downloadable resource called ‘Five Trust Tests,’ which will help organizations in the following ways:

  • Build the trust of their employees with disabilities as they decide whether or not to share personal information.
  • Understand what must be addressed before any big campaigns on new data collection are conducted.
  • Support different decision-making colleagues, who may not have very much experience with disabilities or long-term conditions, to understand the complexity of sharing personal information about disability before introducing new data collection processes.

Employers should absolutely continue to foster trust from employees with disabilities or long-term conditions, and this resource offers suggestions for how they can earn it. Download ‘Five Trust Tests’ today.

PurpleSpace Five Trust Tests Download

PurpleSpace is a unique professional development and networking hub for disability employee resource group (ERG) / network leaders, champions and allies around the world. For more information about PurpleSpace, visit

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