Billion Strong A Global Disability Movement
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We Will Be Included!

Billion Strong is an identity and empowerment organization designed to bring the billions of voices of persons with disabilities together. We are a global community of persons with lived experiences of disabilities that will also celebrate our allies and accomplices.

Together we will be heard!

Finding the Voice of the Community

Billion Strong will bring our global community together so we can find our collective voices,  fight for our rights, and highlight other activities locally, nationally, and globally.

Billion Strong will embrace and support our community, which includes entrepreneurs with disabilities and other diverse groups, with professional development, training, mentoring, coaching, education, and  programs to assure that employers know how to find qualified candidates with disabilities all over the world.

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Billion People With Disabilities
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GDP cost of Excluding People with Disabilities
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More likely to experience poverty
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Billion Strong is proudly founded by Ruh Global IMPACT. For more information visit

Ruh Global Impact

We are looking for advisors in every country.

A Global Community Requires Global Support

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Embracing Our Lived Experiences with Disabilities

Take a Stand – Stronger Together

Billion Strong will create and share an accessible platform and app that offers value to our entire community and ecosystem.  We will be a place where everyone has a voice, where we support each other, and assure access for persons with disabilities worldwide, working together to be heard.


Debra Ruh and Sarah Ruh
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Together we are Stronger!

Supporting Disabled Persons Organizations so their Voices are Heard

Billion Strong is engaging partners from DPO’s all over the world  to help them with their programs, highlight their solutions, and work together to improve the lives of persons with disabilities locally, nationally and globally.  This will allow these DPOs across the globe to connect with the community, and to support better tools, tech, connectivity, socialization, and inclusion in every aspect of society.

Arab woman using crutches
Billion Strong is a community where people with disabilities across the globe can add value and get value. Where everyone is proud to identify as a Person with a Disability an ally or an accomplice. It is a place where everyone has a voice, which makes sure more than anything else that everyone is heard.
Debra Ruh
Debra Ruh

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