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Making Your Business More Inclusive for Employees With Disabilities

By Lisa Walker

When recruiting new employees, making your business more inclusive for those with disabilities should be a top priority. There are several reasons this is important. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it can also help you tap into a larger pool of talent. So, how can you make your business more inclusive for employees with disabilities? Here are a few ideas from Ruh Global Impact.

Check Your Website’s Accessibility

One of the first places to start is your website. Make sure those using assistive devices can easily access and navigate it. This step includes ensuring that all images have alternative text and that your site is simple to navigate.

Make Reasonable Accommodations

When an employee with a disability joins your team, you may need to make reasonable accommodations in the workplace. This could include providing a wheelchair-accessible workspace or ensuring sign language interpreters are available during meetings.

Another way to make reasonable accommodations is by offering flexible work arrangements, such as the ability to telework or adjust start and end times. Set aside money for these accommodations when creating your budget so that you don’t have to scramble when an employee with a disability joins your team.

Woman in Wheelchair Working with Colleagues

Provide Training for Managers and Supervisors

Managers and supervisors play a crucial role in making your business more inclusive for employees with disabilities. They should receive training on supporting and communicating with employees with disabilities. For example, they should know how to provide feedback in an accessible format and accommodate employees with disabilities during the performance review process.

Creating an inclusive culture starts with top-down support. Make sure your senior leadership is on board with making your business more inclusive for employees with disabilities. They can help set the tone and lead by example. You can work on creating an inclusive culture in other ways, too, such as offering unconscious bias training, being intentional about diversity in your recruitment process, and celebrating employees with disabilities.

Register Your Business

Get your EIN from the IRS, and establish your business with the state where you reside. This is crucial when hiring staff because the IRS uses it for payroll taxes, and it’s required for offering your employees retirement plans. An EIN also helps you open a business bank account and establish business credit which can help fund things such as workplace accommodations.

Offer Incentives

One way to attract top talent is to offer incentives, such as tuition reimbursement for employees who want to further their education. Encourage online degree programs that allow employees to quickly earn an advanced degree while continuing to work full-time.

When creating documents for recruiting that include outlining your firm’s inclusive culture, choose a PDF editor that allows you to make changes to your document. These tools save time and money by not having to print and scan documents. Instead, upload the file online and make necessary adjustments before downloading and sharing the new record.

Create an Inclusive Workplace

Making your business more inclusive for employees with disabilities is important, but it’s also essential to create an inclusive workplace for all. A few steps can help create a workplace where everyone feels comfortable and respected.

For help making the right decisions, consult RUH Global Impact, a leader in workplace diversity.

About the Author: Lisa Walker created as a passion project to reach a wider audience and share information that will help her readers find, land, and succeed in their dream job.

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