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The Accessible Metaverse And Education – A Classroom Without Walls

By Nabil Eid

The Metaverse can be leveraged as a virtual space to create more educational opportunities for learners with disabilities. It can take learning beyond the confines of a classroom and into immersive and realistic learning experiences, transforming education as we know it.

Education in the Metaverse can blur the lines between past and present, physical and virtual. It can eliminate the barriers of geography, disabilities, and special needs. So, what will virtual classroom or augmented reality (AR) for education look like soon?

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About the Author: Nabil Eid, Chief Strategy Officer Billion Strong. Nabil has held several positions and worked with numerous NGOs, civil society networks, UN agencies, governments, private sector, and grassroots organizations to successfully create positive global, regional, and national change.

With 20+ years of experience in disability inclusion strategies and ICT4D marginalized communities. Providing counseling, research, evaluation & monitoring, and ICT accessibility solutions and assistive technology services. Author of 8 books about disability inclusion and ICT accessibility

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