What signs should you look for if you think your child might be dyslexic?

kid with dyslexia drawing with pencil and child psychologist looking at it

By Liza Ellis Dyslexia is a neurological disorder that primarily affects reading and writing skills. It is the most common learning disability, and is characterised by difficulty with phonemic awareness, phonology, and word decoding. People with dyslexia often have difficulty identifying individual sounds in words, and they may have trouble learning how to read and […]

Dreams, Disability, and Leadership Training Opportunity

Mt. Fuji with Chureito Pagoda in autumn, Fujiyoshida, Japan

BY JASMIN AMBIONG This article is for all the people with disabilities who have dreams. For everyone who fears that they will never be who they want to be and be wherever they want to be because of society’s limitations. Perhaps, a part of me wanted to write this because it is something I wish […]

The Accessible Metaverse And Education – A Classroom Without Walls

By Nabil Eid The Metaverse can be leveraged as a virtual space to create more educational opportunities for learners with disabilities. It can take learning beyond the confines of a classroom and into immersive and realistic learning experiences, transforming education as we know it. Education in the Metaverse can blur the lines between past and […]

Making Your Business More Inclusive for Employees With Disabilities

Man in wheel chair presenting his worck to two female colleagues on a laptop at a meeting room

By Lisa Walker When recruiting new employees, making your business more inclusive for those with disabilities should be a top priority. There are several reasons this is important. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it can also help you tap into a larger pool of talent. So, how can you make […]

Want to Join our 2022 Youth Delegation and Get Guaranteed Access?

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Want to be part of the largest global festival for impact? Be Part of a Global Event for Impact! Billion Strong is joining these efforts to ensure Youth with Disabilities are included.  Through its Billion Strong partnership with YOUNGA 2022, it has been given 28 slots FREE for Youth Leaders with Disabilities under 35. We […]

Making the Metaverse Accessible to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

IT Developer Working on VR Software

The Metaverse is the next generation of the internet. People will enjoy more immersive and interactive experiences within digital spaces, be it for shopping, or undertaking business meetings; it can provide new opportunities for education, employment, gaming, or socializing with friends. The Metaverse is still in the first design stages; there is an increasing awareness […]

Can Persons with Disabilities Live in the Metaverse


By Rosemary Musachio Science fiction is literally coming to life thanks to Facebook.  The social media platform is transforming itself into Metaverse.  It will be a virtual universe where people will do almost everything they do in the real one. The Metaverse will offer persons with disabilities opportunities that many of us wouldn’t have experienced […]

4 Home Renovations To Help Make Your Home More Accessible

ladder, hammer and debris at home construction site. Home renovation

By Billion Strong Living at home with someone with a disability is no easy task. Not only are you concerned with your loved one’s medical status, but you’re also concerned with making sure your home is accessible enough for the enjoyment of daily life.  Remodeling for accessibility requires time, patience, and careful planning to ensure […]

How To Make Your Website Accessible for the Hearing Impaired

young profesional talking in sign language thru a laptop

By Justin Bennett If you are running a website for your business or organization, you want to reach as wide an audience as possible. Statistics show that at least 48 million Americans live with some degree of hearing loss. It is possible that a huge part of your target demographic is made up of individuals […]

3 Ways to Help Children With Learning Disabilities Engage in Arts Education

young child using scissors to cut out shapes

By Lisa Walker If your child has a learning disability and is struggling in school, he or she may feel alienated from peers, confused or angry at the inability to grasp what seem to be simple topics. According to the Learning Disabilities Association of America, 2.3 million students are diagnosed with learning disabilities and receive […]