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War on Ukraine: In the Outbreak of Wars Crisis, Persons with Disabilities Are Often Forgotten

While anyone affected by a crisis needs help, persons with disabilities are especially at risk. Challenges created by emergencies and other risk situations are compounded for persons with disabilities by physical, communication, and other barriers.

Persons living with disabilities in war zones face a major challenge that has not been seen and reported, including accessing public transport, places of safety and shelters, and fleeing to safe areas.

Situations of armed conflict often force persons to flee areas when violence erupts. Persons with disabilities can be at higher risk of harm during the fighting.

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About the Author: Nabil Eid, Chief Strategy Officer Billion Strong. Nabil has held several positions and worked with numerous NGOs, civil society networks, UN agencies, governments, private sector, and grassroots organizations to successfully create positive change at global, regional, and national levels.

With 20+ years of experience in disability inclusion strategies and ICT4D marginalized communities. Providing counseling, research, evaluation & monitoring, and ICT accessibility solutions and assistive technology services. Author of 8 books about disability inclusion and ICT accessibility

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