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The OPENING of: “WALL 193— ” in Tehran; A MEMORIAL of the AKTION T4 GENOCIDE

By: Dr. Azadeh Abbaszadeh

After three years of research on AKTION T4, the most extensive systematic genocide of the disabled in human history, Dr. Azadeh Abbaszadeh, with her team, decided to build a memorial in the central part of the capital, located in the largest park of Tehran.

The name of this memorial is * Wall 193—-*; Because the AKTION T4 genocide that took place in 1939 is the most significant black mark against the disabled. Hitler eliminated 400,000 disabled people from his country with the aim of eugenics. This atrocity was so devastating that with the voices and innocent faces of the victims of Aktion T4 in mind, it is difficult to pick up a pen and write 1939. Perhaps it would be convenient to write 193—-

fragment of wall 193- Tehran. Aktion T4 Victims monument.

What is AKTION T4 Program?

AKTIONT4 project was launched during the rule of the Nazi Party in August 1939. The Nazis Party stated that the aim of this project, which began under the direct orders of Adolf Hitler, was EUGENIC and economic corrections.

Hitler and the Nazi Party announced that only people who did not suffer from physical and mental disabilities were worthy of living. Accordingly, the Nazi government established medical clinics equipped with trained staff in October. They killed many people with the injection of a lethal drug. Also, they took some people’s lives, especially those with Down syndrome, by starving. At the same time, the Nazi Party launched six gas chambers to kill other physically and mentally disabled people. The Nazi Party continued to kill the disabled and justified this genocide with propaganda.

They announced that “the cost of caring for people with disabilities is against the public interest” and that “these people are in incurable pain, and we are saving them from this situation.” According to statistics, “the genocide of the disabled” continued for six years until 1945, and about 400,000 disabled people were massacred.

Wall 193- Tehran. Aktion T4 Victims monument. With Dr. Azadeh standing in the middle.
  • T4 was an organized and large-scale project intending to ” exterminate all or part of the civilian population.
  • T4 was carried out to ” prevent the birth and reproduction of a certain group” and “to prevent the generation of the disabled people.”
  • T4 was carried out with the full knowledge of its perpetrators. With full knowledge and according to a predetermined plan, “they deliberately exposed a group or part of the society to an unfavorable living situation leading to the decline of their general physical strength.”

According to research and scientific articles and the author’s inquiry, eliminating people with disabilities is still in progress in many parts of the world in more modern ways. All of these methods have an underlying principle:


Some photos of the victims of this project are displayed on Wall 193--- Park of Tehran.
“People who were killed for one thing: Crime: Disability”.

In human history, Hitler’s genocide project, AKTION T4, is the most extensive systematic genocide of the disabled. After eighty years in 2022, It is still a stain on the 1939s. With the voices and innocent faces of the victims of this horrific project in mind, it is so tough to pick up a pen and write “1939”. Maybe it is convenient to write: 193—.

Dr​.​Azadeh Abbaszadeh submitted a petition to His Excellency Mr. Abdulla Shahid, the President of the United Nations General Assembly. More details here.

Also, you can read more information about “Request From UN: Recognition of AKTION T4 as the Systematic “GENOCIDE” of the Disabled” on the Billion Strong website.


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