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How Young Adults With Disabilities Can Get Into Business

By Lisa Walker

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As a young adult living with a disability, worries about employer prejudice and disability inclusion in the workplace can discourage you from pursuing a career. While tremendous advancements in workplace accommodations and commitment to inclusion with the help of services like Ruh Global Impact have created a disability-friendly work culture in recent years, it is still far from perfect. However, you can still utilize your strengths and talents by choosing a career where your disability is not a factor. A career in business is an excellent choice.

Why a business career is a great option

Business is broad and covers many industries. Pursuing a career in business gives you access to a broad variety of jobs. An abundance of choices can help you avoid workplaces that are not suitable for your unique needs. Some of the most lucrative jobs in the business career include finance, sales, human resource, and consulting. Entrepreneurship is arguably the most rewarding path.  

Benefits of choosing a career in business include:

  • It is a practical field: There is always a demand for people with business skills in companies of all sizes.
  • Opportunities to specialize: You can choose the environment or industry you prefer to focus on 
  • You can change jobs at will: Business concepts translate to all industries
  • Numerous opportunities to network: Working in business allows you to meet all kinds of people who can enhance your personal and professional life.
  • Opportunity to work remotely: Many jobs in business don’t require your physical presence.

Getting the Relevant Education

Education carries weight in a business person’s career. Pursuing a college degree in the field of business plays the role of expanding your knowledge and improving your credibility. Persons with disabilities are not limited to the business degree they can pursue.

The first step to choosing a degree is evaluating your interests, passions, and talents. Pick something you enjoy but also consider degrees that are most rewarding in the job market. These include marketing, project management, finance, management analysis, accounting, and E-commerce.

After acquiring a college degree, you can enroll in an MBA program to sharpen your business skills further and improve your career prospects. An online program provides you the flexibility to focus on your personal and professional life as you develop skills in corporate finance, strategic planning, marketing, and economics. Such skills open up multiple career opportunities such as business manager, general manager, and operations director.    

Honing your Skills in Business

The workforce is brutally competitive and unfortunately, young people with disabilities typically have the odds set against them. It is easy to consider yourself a risky hire in the workplace and give up or settle for less than you deserve. Set such thoughts aside and embrace the business world which is brimming with opportunities for a young adult like you.

Get your foot in the door by networking relentlessly with people in your desired industry at meetings and conferences. Apply for relevant internships and use them as an opportunity to put your knowledge into practice and hone your skills. Build relationships during your internship, do your best work, and build a strong foundation for your career.   


For the unemployed youth, entrepreneurship provides an opportunity for economic self-sufficiency. Since young adults with disabilities are the most affected by underemployment and limited inclusion in the workforce, entrepreneurship is viewed as a real solution for them.

While some young adults with disabilities are fortunate enough to find employment, they often end up working low-skilled and low-paying jobs. They also have to deal with employer prejudice and workplaces that are not inclusive. Thanks to education and technological advancements like e-commerce, a huge number of persons with disabilities are choosing to operate home-based businesses. This shift has allowed many to lead meaningful and independent lives.  

Final Thoughts

A career in business offers financial gains and a level of flexibility to young adults living with disabilities that most other careers cannot match. While it is a broad field with numerous job opportunities acquiring an advanced degree can greatly broaden your prospects. Ultimately, entrepreneurship remains the most lucrative pursuit in business.  

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