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Dr. LaMondre Pough’s Vision and Call – Disability Advocacy & Climate Justice

Dear Global Leaders, #WeAreBillionStrong

We write to you today with an urgency that cannot be overstated, echoing the passionate call of Dr. LaMondre Pough, the visionary CEO of Billion Strong. In his message directed at the leaders, governments, and decision-makers at COP28 in Dubai, Dr. Pough illuminated a critical facet of our global challenge: the intersection of climate change and the experiences of people with disabilities.

In his compelling address, Dr. Pough emphasized a fundamental truth often overlooked in our discussions on climate action—the disproportionate impact of environmental crises on individuals with disabilities. These individuals face unique and intensified vulnerabilities during climate disasters, yet their voices are consistently sidelined from the dialogues where decisions are made, policies are shaped, and strategies are formulated.

Imagine navigating a world designed without considering your needs or abilities. This is the daily reality for countless people with disabilities. Dr. Pough’s poignant plea resonates profoundly: it is time to act. It is time to invite disability advocates to the table, not as an afterthought but as essential architects of collective response to climate change.

Our efforts toward climate action must transcend mere protection of the planet; they must embody the essence of safeguarding the rights and fulfilling the needs of all its inhabitants, especially those most vulnerable. Dr. Pough’s call for inclusion, equity, and justice in our fight against climate change is a beacon guiding us toward a sustainable and thriving future for all.

Let us heed this call, unite in purpose, and ensure our endeavors toward climate resilience and sustainability are robust and inherently inclusive. Together, we possess the power to forge a path that acknowledges the unique challenges faced by individuals with disabilities, ensures their voices are heard, and actively shapes our strategies for a better tomorrow.

We invite each one of you to join hands in this vital endeavor. Let us embrace inclusivity as the cornerstone of our actions, knowing that by doing so, we are safeguarding our planet and nurturing a world that celebrates diversity, compassion, and equality.

With unwavering determination,

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