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Can Persons with Disabilities Live in the Metaverse

By Rosemary Musachio

Science fiction is literally coming to life thanks to Facebook.  The social media platform is transforming itself into Metaverse.  It will be a virtual universe where people will do almost everything they do in the real one. The Metaverse will offer persons with disabilities opportunities that many of us wouldn’t have experienced in the real world.

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About the Author: Rosemary Musachio is a frequent blogger and currently the Chief Accessibility Officer for Ruh Global Communications. Rosemary is available to offer corporate training and webinars on accessibility and awareness. She’s also certified as a CPACC. Rosemary, who was born with Cerebral Palsy, has many years of experience as a writer & poet, accessibility tester, auditor, trainer, and technologist. Besides E&IT Accessibility, she also advocates attitudinal accessibility, especially concerning women with disabilities and non-verbal patients.

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